Last Night (A Meditation on Family Promise)

last night
we slept on the floor.
mattresses, really,
arranged on the floor

for comfort

this morning,
we woke up
and went home,
without a thought
to where we would sleep


someone else will sleep
on those same mattresses,
playing host
to families who sleep
on floor-arranged mattresses



thank God for mattresses,
for sleeping hosts and hostesses,
and the gifts the guest give us,
reminding us
that mattresses, so arranged,

saves lives.

“Bring Good News, Bind up the Brokenhearted, Proclaim Liberty and the Year of the Lord’s Favor” (A Meditation on Isaiah 61:1-3)

Bring Good News

how badly we need
to hear the good news today–
news of hope and peace

Bind Up the Brokenhearted

bind up the broken,
wounded warriors of earth
come,  be healed, seek peace

Proclaim Liberty

what we call freedom
based on our human actions
is not free at all

true liberty, then,
is peace with all creation,
and the Creator

The Year of the Lord’s Favor

this could be the year
or, perhaps it was last year,
did you take notice?

look for God’s favor
not in church or government,
but in humble hearts


Gentle Mother who treads upon the heads of serpents,
we look to you when serpents abound.
You, who welcomed the One into your womb,
who brought Salvation in to the world,
who embraced the unknown and terrifying God–

We look to you when serpents abound,
when governments fail,
when terror strikes.

We look to you to remind us
of the One who saves us,
of the One who doesn’t care
about origins or back stories,
who calls us all.

We see your banner waving,
we watch, as the worshippers bow,
doing what the ancestors have done,
honoring the past,
looking to the future.

We seek your consolation,
we ask for your guidance,
we need your snake-trampling foot
to come among us once again.

As we await the coming of Him,
your Son and Holy God,
we look to you,
because you are accessible,
and we can relate

standing before Him some day,
we are made whole.

O, John! (A Meditation on Mark 1:1-8)

O, John!

Harbinger of God,
wild voice of Jordan,
singing a new and strange song,
which lyrics,
yet being written,
speak of strange (terrible!)
and wonderful things.

O, John!

Refresh us,
with your bath of righteousness,
water flowing,
entering into the cracks
and crevices
of our lives.

O, John!

You never tire
of your relentless call–
“Repent! Be made new!”
Something we’ve not heard
nor since,
in any real way.

O, John!

O, baptizer!

O, voice in the wilderness!

Wild man,
who serves a wild God,
among a people untamed,
and unashamed–

show us the One.

When Righteousness and Justice Kiss (A Meditation on Psalm 85:10-11)

when Righteousness
and Justice

how sweet the embrace.

how gentle the caress.

how lovely the moment
when we,
who call ourselves “righteous”
realize that we need justice,
and those who seek justice
realize that we need to be made right.

when Righteousness
and Justice

Faithfulness will spring forth,
fresh from new-watered ground,
and will stand tall,



and we will know,
in that kiss,
the sum total of Love

and the awe-inspiring effects
of Grace.

“A Voice Cries Out…” (A Meditation on Isaiah 40:3-7)

A voice cries out:
“In the wilderness, prepare a way…”

Or, read this way–

A voice cries out in the wilderness,
“Prepare a way…”

One calls from the center,
that we might go to the margins

The other, from the margins,
that we might prepare the center

One voice reminds us to move,
the other moves us to be reminded,
the way must be prepared,
the valleys lifted up,
the stones removed from pathways
where the King will tread.

One voice,
joined by many,
marginalized, or centralized,
always calling,
always seeking,
always reminding
“The King is coming!”
“The King is here!”
“Behold, the King!”
“The King has arisen!”

Now, it is for us
to follow that King,
to travel our own valleys,
pathways winding and turning,
narrowly avoiding destruction,
until we come to the place
where we find The Way
has been prepared.