End of the Year Express Train

The express train is chugging its way through Ada lately, and I’m not referring to the increased traffic on the railroad crossings at the north end of town!  It’s that time of year, when things start to pick up on campus, and everything seems to go into hyper-drive (or “ludicrous speed,” to quote Spaceballs.)  Papers, exams, Capstone projects–you name it, and it’s probably coming due for our students.

It’s not just the students, either.  We are hard at work getting ready for baccalaureate and commencement, and in the meantime we in student affairs are working on applying for the President’s Service Honor Roll, a distinction we managed to achieve last year and are hoping to repeat this year as well.  It’s a lot of hard work, but well worth it in the end, as we see how all that we do contributes to making ONU an even better place to work and study.

I often tell my staff during this season to remember that their first job on campus is to be a student.  They don’t always listen to me, but I feel that I need to remind them of this often, because self-care is most important during our busiest seasons.  If we neglect our bodies, minds and spirits when we’re busy, how can we ever hope to take care of ourselves when things are calm?  So if you’re a student, faculty member, staff member, administrator, or parent, take some time during these next few weeks to look around you.  Things will never be the same again.  We will never again have a campus community made up of this exact student body, because our graduates will be leaving us, and when they do, and new students come to take their places, the campus will inevitably change.  When change happens, we need to embrace it, lest we find ourselves run over by the runaway express train that is life.

As Pete Seeger used to say to his audiences, “Take it easy, but take it.”


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