Gentle Mother who treads upon the heads of serpents,
we look to you when serpents abound.
You, who welcomed the One into your womb,
who brought Salvation in to the world,
who embraced the unknown and terrifying God–

We look to you when serpents abound,
when governments fail,
when terror strikes.

We look to you to remind us
of the One who saves us,
of the One who doesn’t care
about origins or back stories,
who calls us all.

We see your banner waving,
we watch, as the worshippers bow,
doing what the ancestors have done,
honoring the past,
looking to the future.

We seek your consolation,
we ask for your guidance,
we need your snake-trampling foot
to come among us once again.

As we await the coming of Him,
your Son and Holy God,
we look to you,
because you are accessible,
and we can relate

standing before Him some day,
we are made whole.

One comment on “Guadalupe

  1. ssteven says:

    Thank you.
    We need her help,today, surely

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