“A Voice Cries Out…” (A Meditation on Isaiah 40:3-7)

A voice cries out:
“In the wilderness, prepare a way…”

Or, read this way–

A voice cries out in the wilderness,
“Prepare a way…”

One calls from the center,
that we might go to the margins

The other, from the margins,
that we might prepare the center

One voice reminds us to move,
the other moves us to be reminded,
the way must be prepared,
the valleys lifted up,
the stones removed from pathways
where the King will tread.

One voice,
joined by many,
marginalized, or centralized,
always calling,
always seeking,
always reminding
“The King is coming!”
“The King is here!”
“Behold, the King!”
“The King has arisen!”

Now, it is for us
to follow that King,
to travel our own valleys,
pathways winding and turning,
narrowly avoiding destruction,
until we come to the place
where we find The Way
has been prepared.

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