“O, that you would tear open the heavens and come down…” (Meditation on Isaiah 64:1-9)

Come down, O God!
Tear the roof off, rip open the skies,
disembowel our enemies,
bring fear and trembling upon the earth!

We know the enemy,
and the enemy is us.
We are like unclean hands,
in need of a good scrub.

Cleanse us, O God!
Pour out your Spirit,
and we shall be created.

We seek violence,
a sure and swift end,
a decisive victory.
But it’s never that clear, is it?
Hard to tell who are the winners,
who are the losers,
when we so often fit the double bill,
both sinners and saints.

Instead of violence,
you offer us pottery;
shards of dried clay
re-worked into something new.
You are about renewal,
re-formation, always
re-shaping, always
re-creating in the midst of our mess.

We are all your people
We are all yours
We are all
We are,
and you are ours.

O God, come down,
tear the roof off of our pride,
rip open our hearts,
disembowel our notions of ourselves,
bring fear, yes, but also love.

–Advent 2014, Day 2



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