Have a Good Summer!

One of the greatest joys of campus ministry is the opportunity to work with students.  Some people (not naming any names!) rejoice when the students leave town, but as a pastor and chaplain, it’s always a bittersweet moment for me, because my congregation essentially leaves town for three months!  Don’t get me wrong, as a resident of Ada, i reeeeeeeaaaaalllllly like the quiet that descends on the town about mid-May.  I look forward to driving my little golf cart around town, or riding my bike, without having to weave in and out of all the cars parked on Gilbert.  At the same time, I miss the youthful enthusiasm of the students, and the cheerful banter and laughter that fills the Chaplain’s office during the school year.  While there is always plenty to do in the Chapel during the summer, it does get quiet, and I eventually begin to long for the time when the students will return–weaving in and out of traffic and all!

There is a cycle to all of life–like the tide that washes in and out, and waves on sand–seasons come and go, and times change.  The beauty of the passage of time is that it reminds us that we are constantly moving.  No one gets to escape the passage of time–just as no one gets to escape turning around the earth’s axis each day, or orbiting the sun once a year.

As students leave campus, I have been saying over and over, “Have a good summer!”  I could just as easily be saying, “Have a good life!” as I try to impress upon them that every moment of life is the fullness of life itself.  Live like this moment is THE MOMENT, and life will always be good.

Have a good summer!



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