Breathing Space

This time last year, I was writing about the stress that students were feeling as they contemplated the mid-term of the semester with no break in sight until Thanksgiving.  I remember that even those of us on the staff of the university were feeling the stress build up, as we dealt with increasing levels of anxiety among students, and the general sense of low morale.

Thankfully, this year’s academic schedule includes a fall break, which will occur this weekend, and then Monday and Tuesday of next week.  I don’t know about all of my colleagues, but I’m intending to take those days as days off as well.  I need it! 

All of us need breathing space from time to time.  We all need to sit back, relax, and engage in the spiritual practice of doing nothing of any use.  God’s commandment to the Hebrews of the Bible was to take one day in seven to rest.  Most people have a “weekend,” even if that day or two off occurs at a time other than Saturday and Sunday.  Companies that seek to employ the best workers also recognize that those workers need time to themselves, and time to spend with their families.  I’m convinced that our bodies need rest on a regular basis if we are to function at our best.  The same can be said about our spirits. 

What do you do to take time out, to relax and connect with God?  Do you attend to your physical and spiritual need for rest?  Or, do you value yourself based on how much work you get done, how productive you are, and how many hours you put in on your job site or in your office?  Take some time this weekend to reflect on how well-rested you feel.  An exhausted body/mind/spirit is, in the end, no good for anyone at all.

Blessings for rest,




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