New Semester Starting Soon!

It’s been a busy, but good, break, and I’m looking forward to the students returning to campus in a few days for the start of Spring Semester 2013!  I’ve already seen a few students around campus and around town, and it’s good to see them back.  You see, my job is to work with students, and if they aren’t in town, there’s not much for me to do!  Although we have had a few things around the office and the Chapel that we’ve been doing–things that couldn’t get done in the midst of a busy Fall semester.  So, I’ve not been without work, I’m just looking forward to working with students again. 

The spring semester should have lots of energy and great projects to work on: Hairless for Habitat (I get my head shaved if they reach $700), Habitat spring break trips, a new “Busy Person’s Retreat,” Chapel worship (featuring some great guest speakers this semester–come see us at 11 a.m. on Thursdays!  Plus, I’ll still be preaching every other week), and hiring our new student staff members for next year!  I’m sure that about a dozen other things will come along as we progress through the semester, but I’m ready for it all!  With the power of prayer, and God giving us guidance, we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us!




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