The End of the Semester

It’s hard to believe, but it’s almost the end of my first semester here at ONU.  And the greatest thing about it is that I don’t have any final exams to study for!  This is unlike all the students I work with, who are busier than ever getting ready for final projects and final exams.  As a consequence, I have had my own workload reduced (somewhat), with the anticipation that it will decrease even more after everyone goes home for the Christmas break.

This is normally the time of year when everything gets really busy for a pastor in a local church, so it’s come as a welcome gift to me that I’ve been able to sit back a bit and be more reflective on the upcoming Advent and Christmas seasons.  It’s a shame that more pastors (or for that matter, more lay folks, too!) don’t have the chance to reflect more during Advent.  Instead, we’re often moving from one busy event to another, trying to get it all in before the big day and the end of the year.

Not unlike the students around me who are running around getting ready for finals.

But what if we could all just call a “time out” and sit back and reflect from time to time?  What if we didn’t fill our lives with “busy seasons,” but just lived life to the fullest all the time?

I remember Zig Ziglar (who, incidentally, died just yesterday) speaking once about a basketball game where someone forgot to turn on the timer.  Instead of the players holding back until the final minutes of the game, they played their hearts out throughout the whole thing, never knowing when the game might end.  That’s life for you.  We never know when it might end–the timer runs out at different times for each of us.  Instead of cramming all of our living into short seasons of celebration, why not celebrate life every day?

Then, we could let our pastors really celebrate Christmas.




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