Why I’ve Decided to Finally Read “The Hunger Games”

I’m usually late to get on the bandwagon for anything.  Typically, once I’ve caught on to a TV show, book series, or other cultural phenomenon, it’s pretty much on its way out.  The exception to this was the Harry Potter series–but I don’t think that even my bad mojo could have had an effect on that!

So, I have been pretty late in coming to the “Hunger Games.”  Yes, I know that the series is already out, and that the first movies has already been made, and my wife (yes, my wife Kelly!) has read/seen them all.  But I’ve resisted, mostly because I didn’t like the whole theme of kids killing one another in a giant reality TV show.  I thought it was a pretty gruesome subject.

Then, my wife showed me the DVD extras from the movie.

And, they talked about the author’s reasons for writing the book.

It turns out that the author, Suzanne Collins, wrote the book after flipping back and forth through the TV one night, when she kept seeing images of war and images from a reality show.  So she got to thinking about this, and about the ways that we have become desensitized to violence on television, and she wrote the “Hunger Games.”

So now I get that the series is a critique of the violence in our world, and the ways that we sacrifice our children every day on the altars of success, fame, wealth, and materialism.  So, I’m going to read them.  Not right away, mind you.  I’ve been through a spate of dystopian novels lately, and it’s gotten me a bit down.  So, I’m going to read some funny stuff for a while, and then come back to dystopian themes a bit later.

What do you think?  Have you read the books, and do you agree with the filmmakers’ assessments of their themes?  What else should I be reading that I might not have thought of before?

May the odds be…well, you probably know the rest if you’ve read the books,



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