New Year, New Me?

So, here it is, January 2nd–time to make the old resolution for the new year.  I know, I should have thought of this earlier–at least by the 31st, but I’ve been busy.  So busy, in fact that it’s been…WHOA!…MONTHS since I last posted here.  I hope all my loyal readers (are there any left out there?) have stuck with me all this time. 

At the present moment I find myself already behind on about three projects–nine, if you count each of the reading/reflection assignments that I’m supposed to do for my D.Min. class as individual projects.  And, I feel this afternoon like I need a vacation after my vacation.  Not that spending the week with the family wasn’t fun, but it was a bit removed from relaxing. 

But back to the resolution.  As I posted on facebook (in haiku form, of course), my goal this year is to breathe more.  Not just regular old in-out type breathing, but really reflective, mindful breathing.  I resolve to lay aside all the tensions that I pile upon myself, and take some time each day this year to breathe in the presence of God, and breathe out the love of God to the world.  Or, maybe I just need to eat more chocolate.  Probably the breathing thing, though. 

“Be still, and know that I am God…” I should print those words on a card, laminate it, and staple it to my hand or something.  I don’t know, maybe too much on that last one, but I should remember that more often–God is God, and I am not.  Thanks be to God.   


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