Peace…Day 4

One way to encourage peace in the world is to help those who are struggling to maintain their local cultures and ways of life.  I love to experience the crafts and foods of other cultures, and sometimes when I’m looking for “just the right gift,” I go to the fair trade shop.  Fairly traded goods are those which support local and sustainable farming and crafting, and the people who do the work get all the profits from the goods they make–they’re paid a fair wage for what they produce, which is they I think the world should work. 

As you’re considering ways to make peace in your life and in the lives of those around you, consider giving fairly traded goods as Christmas gifts.  What better way to share the love of Christmas and help out others at the same time?

Two of my favorite fair trade sites are: (coffee, tea and chocolate) and (fair trade gift items from around the world).  I don’t work for or get profits from these companies, but I use their products sometimes, and find its a good way to help the world and celebrate Christmas at the same time.




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