Peace in our time…Day 1

Today, I am reflecting on the Hebrew word “Shalom.”  Shalom means peace, of course, but it is also used as a greeting and as a way to say “goodbye” at the end of a conversation.  Shalom is more than just a concept–it is a way of life, a state of mind, a way of approaching the world and the people in it with the kind of mindfulness that we seek this Christmas. 

Mindfulness involved ‘being in the moment’–each and every moment—not worrying about what’s in the past, or fretting about the future.  What if Peace were the mindset with which we approached every moment?  What if we greeted everyone (friends, family, co-workers, even foes) with the Peace of Christ, and then bestowed that peace upon them again when we left them?  What if everyone did that?  What would the world be like?

Today, I encourage you to greet everyone you meet with Peace.  Imagine everyone around you as the presence of Christ in your midst.  Journal today about what it feels like to have the mindfulness of Peace at the forefront of your thoughts as you go through the day. 

Be careful with yourself today, and be careful in this snowy weather.




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