Keeping Hope Alive…Day 4

What is your Christmas wish this year?  I don’t mean to ask what you want under the Christmas tree, or what you hope to give to someone else under the tree.  What I mean is– What do you really desire this Christmas?  What is it in your life, your family, your work, your soul that God can work on right now?  Where do you seek healing and wholeness? 

Take some time today to write down your true Christmas wish, then put it somewhere that you’ll run into it every day.  Again, for me, this would be by the refrigerator!  One suggestion would be to write your wish down and put it on the Christmas tree–in an envelope, or folded and stuffed inside a Christmas bulb–you know, the glass kind that you can take the top off of.  Put that on your tree, and every time you look at the tree, say a little prayer to God, asking him to grant this deep desire of your heart.  Wishes don’t have to be just for children, and they don’t have to be superficial or corny.  Whatever you are seeking from God, God will help you find.  Now, your wish may not come true just as you want it to–that’s part of the process.  God sometimes helps us realize that what we wish for is not really what we need.  What we really need sometimes is to allow our will to become aligned with God’s will for us.  This process helps us grow from saplings into spiritual redwoods, with the ability to withstand all of life’s challenges and trials.




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