Keeping Hope Alive, Day 2

This year, in our effort to experience a life-giving Christmas, we’re focusing on the Hope, Peace, Joy and Love that come to us through the experience of God in an Advent season lived mindfully and carefully.  This week’s theme, of course, is “Hope.”

The world today seems to be so dark and dismal–not many signs of hope appear before us on a regular basis.  Is this because there is no hope, or because signs of hope are masked behind the foreboding picture that is painted for us by the media and our social culture?  Can it be that we as a society have trained ourselves to filter out the signs of hope among us?  Surely there must be some hope out there. 

Today, I encourage you to look for signs of hope in the news of the day.  What hope can you discern, even in the most heart-rending news stories?  What signs of hope come to you when you see the rare good news story on the television, or read a human-interest piece in the newspaper?  Look for hope all around you, and I can guarantee that you’ll find it!

Blessings of Hope to you,



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